About Htrack

There are three things about Htrack that are different from other apps:

1) Keywords.​ Htrack comes with a predefined set of keywords (Exercise, Meditate, etc) but you can add your own custom keywords, so common things to record can be just one tap. Keywords can optionally have parameters, e.g., a number, an emoji, or selections from a list of options.

2) Item entry.​ Htrack intentionally does not track calories or precise measurements of items, for two reasons. First, we have found that apps which require this precision are usually abandoned by users because they become too onerous. Second, the Htrack diary is meant to be a simple high level record of your food and habits. It is more important to recognize that you eat pizza too often vs. knowing exactly which kind and size of pizza.

3) Social contract​. Htrack is the first health habit tracker that allows your personal trainer or friends to give you real-time feedback on your diary, directly in the diary. Be sure to add a friend in Htrack so you can have a social contract to help give each other feedback on your habits.

Htrack is a partnership between Paul English and Arbisoft